Monday, September 7, 2015

Grad Student Transfers

Grad Student transfers all all the rage the past few years in college football, and I don't like the trend.

For those of you who do not know what a GS transfer is, it is a student-athlete who was usually redshirted their freshman year at University "A," they play 3 years, and at the end of their 4th year at Univ "A" they graduate with a degree.  After footbal ends and in the spring semester, this student-athlete applies to another school for grad school at another school (his oringinal school "A" can not have that masters program however). Then this player is allowed to join the new football team at Univ "B" and play instantly. He does not have to sit out a year like players who transfer schools before they graduate. Whew! That's hopefully easy to understand.

The past few years college football has seen more and more examples of the GS transfer. This year there are a handful of well known players who have done this. Vernon Adams Jr at Oregon is getting the most press, transfering from FCS Eastern Washington. But this is also Everette Golson who went from ND to Florida State. The new Georgia Bulldogs QB Greyson Lambert (soap opera name!) is also one, as is one of my favorite Cal players, Avery Sebastian who is now at Notre Dame. Cal also lost often injured but impactful Brennan Scarlett to our arch enemy, Stanfurd. This one is a tough call, as he decided to transfer simply to play on the same team as his lil brother who is a freshman on The Farm. And who could forget the Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. He went from North Carolina State to Wisconsin a few years back.

Here's my take. You accepted a scholarship to the university to play football. You've played three years out of four with your freshman redshirt. You graduated from college, congratulations! And you probably did not have to take out a student loan, get thousands of dollars from your parents, or work a part-time job on campus like the vast majority of "normal" students. Don't you owe the university a little loyalty? Shouldn't you stay at your original school, enter a grad program there, and play your fourth year of football?

What bothers me is that most of these grad transfers are players looking to go to a better school and to a school where the system fits their skill set better. And most of these players are offensive skill position players, QB RB or WR who are trying to improve their chance of making to the NFL.

If the player is truly transferring to a new university they will not have an issue with staying out one year before playing. It will allow them time to set a solid foundation for his grad studies, meet his new teammates, learn the campus, etc.

I wish there was a stat on how many of these grad transfer students ever really achieve their Masters Degree. I'm guessing this percentage is very, very low.

This grad transfer loophole is making a mockery of college football. A sport built on tradition.

End the Grad Program transfer rule. Or at least make the player wait one year.

          Nor-Cal Scott

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