Sunday, August 18, 2013

Delete - yes, again

"What a long strange trip its been..." - The Grateful Dead

I totally blew it last football season. I tried to do a column each week on Sunday, but life got in the way. I had a few posts during the season, maybe 4 or 5.  Then at the end of the season I had several more dealing with the issue of Cal's Coach Tedford.

One column talked about where the Golden Bears program was, the direction it was heading, and my thoughts on what needed to be done. Another was on the announcement of Jeff Tedford's firing after 11 seasons in Berkeley. And the last was a plea to Boise State Coach Peterson to consider taking the Cal job.

Well, I got another wild hair up my caboose and deleted those posts from last season. I was disappointed in myself for the lack of consistency in writing a column.  No other reason that being lazy... no, really it was just forgetting to do it on Sunday. I was probably wrapped up in the 49er game.

So, with the start of the College Football season just 11 days away until the first games on Thursday night, I pledge to you, other CFB fans, that I will make a huge effort to write a weekly Sunday column.

And it is not just about Cal football, but all of CFB.  The Top 25, the best games of the weekend, the referee blunders, and the outstanding performances. Sure, I'll have more to say about Cal games, especially home games that I will be attending.

One thing I will be keeping a sharp eye on is the formation of the "College Football Play-Offs," or what I've seen in print as CFP.  We all hated the BCS for our various reasons, but how this "Committee" is formed is crucial to the integrity of crowing a true National Champion.

I have a background is sports writing, dating way back to my high school and college days.  I also spent years writing sales & marketing material for the small company I worked for in the corporate special events industry. I enjoy writing about things I am passionate about, so CFB is only a natural.

Please feel free to leave comments and let's have a dialogue throughout the season.

     Nor-Cal Scott