Friday, June 22, 2012

Conf's Agree & a Selection Committee

So this week will go down in the history of college football as a "landmark event" with the announcement that the Conference Commissioner's have reached an agreement on a Four Team Playoff.

Some details are still in the works, and this agreement still needs the vote & approval of the University Presidents before CFB fans can rejoice.

One of the key portions of this Playoff agreement is how the four teams are selected.  Similar to March Madness the Grand Pooba's have decided upon a "Selection Committee."  While few details have really been released, bits & pieces have.  It sounds like this committee will be larger than the hoops committee, and be represented equally by all conferences. Another part is that most, if not all, committee members will be former AD's, coaches, & players.

Hmmm, where have we read a very similar idea?  That's right, here:  read the last part of item #3.

"I think [a football committee] might be a little bit larger, just because you have a situation where there will be lot of recusals," said Delany. "Individuals that get appointed to a conference, if their conference is involved in the discussion process, will have to have a significant recusal process. I don't think you can be left after the recusal with too small a number. I don't know what the number is, but I don't think it's nine or 10."

To me, that is great news.  Due to how members will have to not participate in talks about schools from their conferences (AD's or Conf Commish) the size needs to be about 25 IMO. Fair & equal representation is the most important part of this committee idea.  And so is transparency, which has been mentioned.  Knowing how these power brokers work, I'm sure the committee won't be as big as I hope, but if the fans, coaches, AD's, and Univ Presidents can actually see who each member voted for (ie: ranked Top 4) it will give everyone more confidence that everything is done right.

Let's admit it, CFB fans currently have a distrust of "the system."  But you never hear too much complaining for March Madness, now with over 64 teams (with the silly multiple play-in games).  Of course, this leads me back to my premise that four teams is simply not enough.  Hopefully this is just 'Step 1" of a plan to expand a college football playoffs to 8 Teams.  Seriously, just wait for this system to be put in place and the listen for the uproar from team #5.  Granted, with my plan you can say the same thing with team #9, but at least we have doubled the amount of teams.  And how much difference is there between team #4 and 5, or #4 and 7?

I await the details of the Selection Committee to be released, because this is a very critical part of the entire playoff idea.

From SI's Stewart Mandel's column:  "The commissioners also intend to reward teams that schedule challenging nonconference games rather than playing eight home games and loading up on cupcakes.

And, as departing Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas said Wednesday: "[What] we're going to do is reclaim New Year's Day and New Year's Eve for college football. These are [going to be] the games you can't miss."

Surely any right-minded college football fan will be elated about all of that."

Mandel is one of my Top 4 CFB writers. You can read his entire column here:

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