Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A CFB Playoff... More Talk

It has been five months since the BCS NCG and talks of a true college football playoff has picked up during the past few months. 

Currently, a four team playoff is the scenario with the best chance of becoming a reality.  However, the four "Power Conferences" (SEC, Pac12, BigXII, Big10) can not agree upon which format to select the four teams: a ranked top four, conference champions only, a selection committee (ala March Madness) which, etc.

Each conference has their own reason(s) for there stance. Obviously the SEC does not like the "Champions Only" idea because they traditionally have more than one team in the top four. The Big10 likes the that scenario because it guarantees them a spot in the playoffs.  Right now it looks like a power struggle between conference commissioners Mike Slive (SEC) & Jim Delany (B10).

In my opinion, this shows the problem with only a four team playoff.  Seriously, how much of a gap is there between the #3 & #5 teams?  Or #4 & #6?  With ony four teams the playoff is too narrow.  Imagine March Madness starting with only a "Sweet 16."  Where would be the Cinderella stories?  And don't tell me Butler would ever make the Top 16 before they made their two year run.

This is why I still believe college football needs an EIGHT TEAM PLAYOFF.  Let me review my brief idea:

1. Blow up the BCS. Reorganize & change the name. BCS has a bitter taste to most CFB fans.

2. With all of the recent & on-going realignment ALL conferences must play 9 conference games & only 3 OOC games. Only 1 OOC game can be a FCS school. This is called the Cupcake Rule. There are no AQ or non-AQ conferences. Schools like TCU, Boise, Houston, etc all have a fair shot at landing in the playoff no matter what conference.

3. Expand the AP voters to include more media members: national columnists, beat writers, CFB TV guys. Eliminate the Coaches Poll for two reasons: 1) most coaches don’t fill out their poll, & 2) there is too much politics in placing teams in your conference higher than a team which is obviously better. To replace the Coaches Poll create a new group consisting of former a wide variety of former coaches, ad’s, & maybe players. This is basically what former Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden talked about this past week. This group of 100 people could also be a paid group. Give this group access to online live streaming video of all games, and videos of all games played that weekend. This allows the person to watch games, review highlights, etc of all the games they would like to see.

4. At end of season use the AP, my new group, and the computer polls to set a final ranking of 1-25 to seed the Top 8 for a playoff.

5. Use the existing 4 big bowls (Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange) as sites for playoff games of 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, 4vs5. Seeding games will rotate between sites. Winners advance to 2 Semi Finals game (neutral site games), then winners advance to the undisputed National Championship Game. Another idea is to play the first round games at some of the other bowl's in mid-December, and use the 4 Big Bowls for the 2 semi games (rotate every other year), and then the NCG two weeks later.

Note that in this scenario that the two teams who play in the NCG will only play two additional games as teams do now. With 3-4 weeks off in December players bodies can handle this fine.

I know this is short, but hopefully simple enough to understand. I have taken what we have, tweaked it to improve it, and added a simple 8 team playoff using the four traditional bowl sites.

And let's not forget how much money can be made for universities athletic departments, conferences,etc.

ONLY 80 Days until Sept 1st and "Kickoff Saturday"!

     Nor-Cal Scott

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