Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally! The BCS Talks PLAYOFFS!

Well, this week history has been made. The BCS Cartel has finally came out and publicly said that they are looking into possible playoff scenarios.

On the table is the "Plus One" and a 4-Team Playoff. Great! Just the fact that the BCS is talking with Conference Commissioners, TV Execs, & Power Brokers is a step in the right direction. The fact is that College Football Fans do not like the current system and want (read as: demand) a playoff system.

There are a list of Pros & Cons for each different playoff idea. We, CFB fans, will have a million different opinions about things like "should games be played at neutral sites or at the home stadium of the higher ranked team?"

I'm was not surprised to read that "brain trust" of college football still believes that an 8-team playoff is not the way to go. I strongly believe it is, you can read my opinion and plan in my earlier posts. Perhaps they do not want to admit it and say it, but perhaps they do like the idea of an 8-team playoff but they want to test drive a 4-team playoff for a few years first to work out any bugs. I'm trying to stay positive.

A 4-team playoff is simply too small. What is the difference between the #4 team and maybe the #6 team? Margin of victory, style points, or worse, a "signature win?"

Since the BCS moves at the speed of a low & slow pig on the barbeque at an SEC tailgater (that's for you Andy Staples of SI) we will not see any changes until probably 2014 at the earliest.

I'm looking forward to change. Any change. Once the BCS goes for the 4-team playoff it will only be a couple more years until they expand it to 8-teams, IMHO. The fans will be screaming for it.

Only 156 days until KICKOFF SATURDAY on 9-1-12!

Nor-Cal Scott

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