Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The BCS Mess: My Idea For The Future

After watching the BCS Poll Show on ESPN on Sunday night I had several reactions: Why?

1. Why did the voters want to see a rematch in the BCS NCG? LSU & Bama have already played this season in the supposed "Game of the Century." A whopping 9-6 slugfest won by LSU in Tuscaloosa.

2. Why would voters want to see two teams from the SAME conference division, the SEC West? Bama did not win the division, let alone the conference, yet they now qualify for the NCG? Many are saying they two best teams in America. But how do we know that? Bama had their chance to beat LSU and they failed, at home. Why not give Oklahoma State a chance? They had one "tragedy" loss in 2OT on the road. I would much rather watch this game.

3. This year, more than ever, we can see how the BCS System has failed. With the other BCS Bowls teams were selected not because they were in the Top 8 or Top 10, but because their teams fan base travels to bowl games in mass. Translation: money. While I think Michigan is a great story this year they do not deserve a spot. But their fans will buy game tickets & fill hotel rooms. So, we have to ask ourselves; What is the purpose of the full BCS? To get the best possible matchups for the games or to fill cities like Tempe, Miami, Pasadena & New Orleans?

The past two days I've read tons of columns, blogs, etc on this fiasco covering many points of views on the above subjects. One thing is crystal clear: The BCS needs to be dismantled. A new system needs to developed.

Below is my simple playoff solution tweaking what we have & improving upon it. It will level the playing field for everyone, and if your team is good enough you have a fair share at a shot at the National Title. This will also generate a ton more money to be shared upon the playoff teams, and all conferences & schools.

1. Blow up the BCS. Reorganize & change the name. BCS has a bitter taste to most CFB fans.

2. All conferences must play 9 conference games & only 3 OOC games. Only 1 OOC game can be a FCS school. This is called the Cupcake Rule. There are no AQ or non-AQ conferences.

3. Expand the AP voters to include more media members: national columnists, beat writers, cfb tv guys. Eliminate the Coaches Poll & create a new group of 100(?) former AD's, players, & coaches who have the time to keep up with the national scene. Pay them a seasonal salary of say $15,000. Give them access to game video online for all games so they can actually watch the games & highlights.

4. At end of season use the final poll to seed the Top 8 for a playoff.

5. Use the existing 4 big bowls (Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange) as sites for playoff games of 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, 4vs5. Seeding games will rotate between sites. Winners advance to 2 Semi Finals game (neutral site games), then winners advance to the undisputed National Championship Game.

Note that in this scenario that the two teams who play in the NCG will only play two additional games as we do now. With four week off in December their bodies can handle this fine.

I know this is short, but hopefully simple enough to understand. I have taken what we have, tweaked it to improve it, and added a simple 8 team playoff using the four traditional bowl sites.

Finally, if you have not read the book, "Death to the BCS" I highly recommend that you do so soon. It discusses the winners & losers of this flawed system, and shows several money trails. It also outlines the benefits of a playoff system, and its giant financial reward for college football.

Thanks for reading!

Nor-Cal Scott